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J.D. Power Helps Businesses Leap Over “Data Bar” With VIN Values

J.D. Power, the global leader in data analytics and consumer intelligence, today unveiled J.D. Power VIN Values, a unique product designed to significantly improve the vehicle valuation process and eliminate financial blind spots by using a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to precisely determine the correct trim level and factory-installed options.

J.D. Power leverages its multiple data assets and alliances to quickly gather trim, options and purchase history simply by inputting a 17-digit VIN.

The financial implications are significant. For example, a portfolio of 100,000 vehicles that uses a standard VIN decoding process could have a valuation margin error between 6% and 13%, resulting in an adjustment of $25-35 million. J.D. Power VIN Values product can eliminate this costly margin and provide users with an unmatched level of accuracy on any vehicle.

Powerful features


Benefits to Your Business

Benefits to Lenders:
  • Create loans for the exact amount for each vehicle portfolio or floorplan, and account for all the content of each specific vehicle.
  • Consistently make more accurate loan-to-value decisions. Lenders will be able to ensure that a borrower is getting enough money to cover the purchase of the vehicle and related services.

Benefits to Dealers:
  • Create a specific strategy to know what option content is best suited for their region.
  • Determine what vehicles to purchase at wholesale or auction through better integration with inventory optimization tools.
  • Make decisions that more accurately reflect the vehicles in their inventory. Currently 30% of VINs that get decoded are unable to match to trim-specific data.
  • API integration will enhance the accuracy and speed at which dealers can make critical decisions.



  • Inventory Valuation

    Inventory Valuation

    Save and easily update vehicle valuations, individually or all at once.

  • Vehicle Valuation Trends

    Vehicle Valuation Trends

    Quickly get insight into wholesale and retail transactions.

  • Custom Reporting

    Custom Reporting

    Create tailored reports by selecting the data that best fits the deal.

All this, in addition to:

  • 10 guidebooks in one, including     values for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, RV's, commercial trucks, etc.
  • Ability to scan the VIN or select a specific make and model
  • Typically equipped MSRP values for practical value comparisons
  • A full suite of values, including New Vehicle Values (low, average, high) and Auction (low, average, high), Trade-in (rough, average, clean), Clean Loan and Clean Retail values for used passenger cars and light-duty trucks
  • Automatically calculated accessory and mileage options for accurate valuations
  • Free integrated access to your vehicle history report subscription from Experian AutoCheck®*
  • Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) values, available for Clean Retail valuations only
  • Mobile web access and UCG VIN Scan app free with subscription**
* Separate subscription required.
** NADA Used Car Guide, now J.D. Power Valuation Services, supports most leading mobile devices.