J.D. Power, in collaboration with the MIT AVT Consortium, has surveyed vehicle owners about their user experience with:

-- Lane Departure Warning
-- Lane Keeping Assist
-- Forward Collision Warning
-- Automatic Emergency Braking

Gain access to study findings via the following subscriptions:

Lateral Support Study
-- Brand analysis for Lane Departure Warning
and Lane Keeping Assist features
-- Electronic report deliverable (60+ pages)
-- Cost: $5,000

Forward Collision Study
-- Brand analysis for Forward Collision Warning
and Automatic Emergency Braking features
-- Electronic report deliverable (60+ pages)
-- Cost: $5,000

Both Studies
-- Electronic report deliverable
-- Cost: $8,500

Upon submitting this form, a J.D. Power representative will contact you to obtain payment and confirm report delivery.

For any questions, please contact Kristin Kolodge or Lisa Boor.